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Software ZoneAlarm Antivirus 2010 and Zonealarm Extreme Security

ZoneAlarm, a Check Point Software Technologies, Inc. Company, is one of the most secure brands in consumer Internet security. ZoneAlarm protects over 60 million PCs from viruses, spyware, hackers and identity theft. The award-winning Internet security product line is installed in consumer PCs and small businesses, protecting them from Internet threats. The ZoneAlarm family of products is among the most popular and successful Internet security products available on the market. Check Point Software Technologies, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.

ZoneAlarm have some product include :
1. ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall
2. ZoneAlarm Anti-virus
3. ZoneAlarm Internet
4. ZoneAlarm Security Suite
5. ZoneAlarm Extreme Security
6. ZoneAlarm DataLock

OS Compatibility :  Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7

ZoneAlarm Antivirus 2010 features :
* Advanced Download Protection - Analyzes browser downloads in three unique ways before they can infect your PC and warns if they are malicious.
* Unified Scan Engine - Makes superior detection and removal of viruses, spyware, Trojan horses, worms, bots, and other malicious software faster and easier.
* Two-way Firewall - Keeps hackers out by making your PC invisible online and blocking
* OSFirewall - Monitors changes within your computer to spot and stop new attacks that bypass traditional anti-virus protection. No anti-virus or anti-spyware product is 100% effective, so ZoneAlarm invented the OS Firewall. The OS Firewall monitors behaviors within your computer to spot and stop even the most sophisticated new attacks that bypass traditional anti-virus and security suites.
* Anti-phishing and Site Status - Blocks fraudulent websites including phishing sites that trick you into entering personal data.

ZoneAlarm Extreme Security 2010 boasts impressive features, including full-disk encryption. But it slows performance, installing it is torture, and its anti-malware scores are only so-so. It's still a good product, but I'm not quite as thrilled with it as I was last year.

Below all featuru of  ZoneAlarm Antivirus ,ZoneAlarm Internet, ZoneAlarm Security Suite Zonealarm Extreme Security and ZoneAlarm DataLock

1. Ease of Use
2. Two-Way Firewall, Could Stops inbound and outbound traffic threats and hackers
3. Operating System Firewall, Could Monitors programs for suspicious behavior
4. Unified Anti-virus / spyware Engine, Could Detects and blocks viruses, spyware, Trojan horses, worms, bots, and rootkits
5. Anti-Phishing/Site Status Toolbar, Could Blocks phishers and authenticates websites and warns you if a Web site is dangerous
6. Advanced Download Protection, Could Warns you if you try to download a dangerous program
7. Credit Bureau Monitoring Services, Could Alerts you if there are unauthorized changes in your credit files
8. Anti-Spam, Could Filters out annoying and potentially dangerous spam
9. Parental Controls, Could Filters and blocks inappropriate websites
10.Virtual Browsing, Allows users to surf with full protection against malicious software like drive-by downloads and browser exploits
11. Private Browsing, Can Erases your surfing tracks and allows you to surf the Internet in complete privacy
12. Online Backup, Can Protects your data from hardware malfunction
13. PC Tune-Up, Optimizes your PC for improved performance
14. Hard Drive Encryption, Keeps your data private in the event of laptop loss or theft

For Complete compare, see image below

Compare ZoneAlarm Antivirus with Norton™ Antivirus and McAfee®Virus Scan™ Plus

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