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Software Prevx Cloud Antimalware

Prevx is a division of Internet security service company Webroot. With its main operations in the United Kingdom, Prevx products are also sold and supported across Europe and in the United States. Before acquisition by Webroot in 2010, Prevx was formed by IT entrepreneur Mel Morris who acquired Immunity Ltd in 2005 and re-launched it as Prevx. Now vice president and general manager of the Prevx division at Webroot, Morris named Prevx to reflect the organization's mission to help customers - from consumers and small businesses to the largest financial institutes and global organizations - to best protect themselves against the evolving and unknown nature of malicious software.

Prevx product
1. Prevx 3.0
2. Prevx SafeOnline

OS Compatibility : Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7

Prevx 3.0 will detect, remove, and protect you from all forms of malicious threat - including Viruses, Spyware, Adware, Rootkits, Trojans, Worms, Keyloggers, Bots, and more. It is a powerful security application with exceptional ability to protect, detect, and remove early life malicious software - including:
Viruses, Trojans, Worms, Spyware, Adware, Rootkits, Bots, Keyloggers, Screengrabbers, Info Stealers, Rogueware, And More.

Prevx 3.0 Features :

1. Prevx 3.0 Ultrafast Scan Engine: The more often a PC is scanned, the less opportunity there is for any malicious software to steal information. With traditional antivirus programs taking up to an hour or more to scan a PC, many users only scan their PC once or twice a week to avoid its effect on system performance. The Prevx 3.0 Ultrafast Scan Engine incorporates an innovative 'raw' disk and registry access technology, which has the simultaneous benefits of dramatically reducing scan times and allowing much more effective detection of rootkits and hidden malware. As a result, Prevx 3.0 will scan an average PC in around 2 to 4 minutes immediately on installation and will then come down to under 1 minute per scan. This means that, unlike traditional anti-malware solutions that slow down a PC considerably during scanning, users find that Prevx 3.0 has little or no impact on the normal use of the PC. Prevx 3.0 assesses the full security status of a Microsoft Windows-based PC, e.g. are latest security patches updated? are there any unknown programs running? etc.

2. Prevx 3.0 Rootkit and Malicious Software Detection and Removal Engine: In order to identify potential threats, Prevx 3.0 Ultrafast Scan Engine has access to the world's largest cloud-based threat database, which is the platform for the Prevx 3.0 Rootkit and Malicious Software Detection and Removal Engine. This database tracks more than 50 million types of known, evolving and emerging malware, in real time, by collecting information about new potential threats 24/7 from Prevx's own user community. This unmatchable database is coupled with the world's most powerful automated malware research operation. Automation both reduces the number of human malware researchers needed to recognize the difference between a real threat and genuine applications (false positive or false negative) and significantly speeds up the process of malware detection. As a result the Prevx 3.0 Rootkit and Malicious Software Detection and Removal Engine is the fastest and most comprehensive approach to the detection and removal of infections on PCs today.

3. Prevx 3.0 Real-time Protection Agent: Often known as 'zero day attacks,', certain malware can go unnoticed for a significant period of time, and then suddenly come to life long after the damage is done. The Prevx 3.0 Real-time Protection Agent reduces the risk from these threats, by not only using the Prevx 3.0 Rootkit and Malicious Software Detection and Removal Engine, but also by going deeper to incorporate three separate layers of protection: a powerful heuristic layer that identifies new malware based on its behavior, e.g. a browser-based download. Two further layers of protection either delay a program deemed as relatively new from starting or ring-fence potential malware identified on any other Prevx-protected PC. This means PCs are immediately impervious to new, or even uniquely targeted, malware in itsearly life.

4. Prevx SafeOnline: Criminals are constantly looking for new ways to compromise PC users by deploying malware that captures personal information. This form of identity theft renders the internet browser an obvious target, particularly when it comes to an online banking or e-commerce session. This powerful technology, successfully tested by Immunity Inc., protects a PC user from threats such as phishing, DNS poisoning, screen grabbing, man-in-the-browser, and keystroke logging. Prevx SafeOnline can be downloaded and active in seconds and completely locks down the PC operating system and browser to render malware blind to the transaction, enabling more secure online transactions.

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