Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Free download driver fujitsu printer dl-3850/dl6400/dl1150/dl3700/dl3400/dl3800 forwindows and Mac OS

Free download driver fujitsu printer dl-3850,dl6400,dl1150,dl3700,dl3400,dl3800 for Windows and Mac OS. Fujitsu is a Japanese company engaged in the field of Computer hardware, Computer software, IT services, IT consulting, a company specializing in pegembangan semiconductors, computers (supercomputers, personal computers, servers), telecommunications, and services, with head office in Tokyo.

Fujitsu products circulating in the world, such as notebooks, LCD TVs, widescreen monitors, hard drives for notebooks, digital scanner with Automatic Document Feeder, and printers.

In this post, specifically discussed about the printer associated with the how to download a printer driver fujitsu

To download a printer driver can use the following link fujitsu driver

1. Select the printer model in the dropdown box in the Current Model , such us DL3850+
Select one of Operating system Platform
Select one of Prefered Language
Click the Submit button

Will be available printer drivers can be downloaded as shown below

Some products of fujitsu printer that can be downloaded its driver available for windows and mac os, suuch as:

Fujitsu DL1100, DL1200, DL1250, DL3600, DL3700, DL3700Pro, DL3750+, DL3800, DL3800Pro, DL3850+, DL5600, DL5800, DL6400, DL6600, DL6600Pro, DL7400, DL9300, DL9400

Discontinued Products
B100, B200, DL1000, DL1100, DL1150, DL1200, DL1250, DL3300, DL3400, DL3600, DL3700, DL3700Pro, DL3800, DL3800Pro, DL4400, DL4600, DL5600, DL5800, DL6400, DL6400 Pro, DL6600, DL700, DL900, DL9400, Joyriter, M3041, M3042, M3043, PrintPartner 10, PrintPartner 10V, PrintPartner 12V, PrintPartner 14, PrintPartner 14ADV, PrintPartner 14AV, PrintPartner 14V, PrintPartner 16ADV, PrintPartner 16DV, PrintPartner 20W, RX7100, RX7100PS, RX7200, VM2200, VM4, VM4 WIN, VM600, VM8, VM800



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