Saturday, June 18, 2011

Acer X163WL 15.6" widescreen LCD Monitor

Acer X163WL 15.6" widescreen LCD Monitor . The Acer 15.6" Widescreen Monitor combines incredible value and performance with eco-friendliness in a slim and functional design. The widescreen aspect ratio lets you view more content - digital media, office applications and more. The white LED technology minimizes environmental impact with up to 68 percent lower power consumption versus regular LCDs, greater durability and mercury-free materials. The Acer 15.6" Widescreen Monitor's other features include VESA compatible mounting and Energy Star compliance.

Features Summary

a. Appreciable value
X Series LCD monitors deliver enhanced performance at a refreshingly low price.

b. Perfect brightness
Monitors are usually used in normal ambient light with a viewing distance of around 60 cm. The brightness of Acer X Series monitors is engineered for this scenario (250 to 300 nits) to deliver optimum brightness for your most common usage.

c. Convenient digital input (optional)
The X Series offers a DVI input option to maximize the connection quality between LCD monitors and other digital sources, including PC graphics cards.

d. Wide viewing angle
A wide viewing angle maintains color consistency and image clarity for a better viewing experience, allowing you to share content with others without having to crowd in front of the screen.

e.  Stylish and functional design
X Series monitors feature a slim, elegant profile, adaptable silver/black color scheme, smart rear-cable management, and a base proven to enhance stability. Control buttons located below the panel enable easy cleaning and intuitive use.

f.  Tested reliability
X Series monitors undergo rigorous durability testing and adhere to high safety standards to ensure that each
display is reliable and provides a comfortable viewing experience.

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